June 19, 2024

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Italian CIOs at the crossroads of transformation and sustainability

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Data is needed, for example, to cluster buildings based on their specificities, and decide how to reallocate them. Smart buildings, sensors and building management systems are used to collect such building data, and the IT team starts with quality digital design and management, with building information modeling (BIM) and digital twins.

Bollati’s team also conceived and designed the Piattaforma Integrata del Demanio, a data platform that centers on the digital identity card of the property, and aggregates all the information from different platforms and databases that describe it, from management and administration, to litigation, geolocation, and physical and man-made information about the territory.

“Digital is the implementer of policies to streamline operational processes and management innovations for the entire lifecycle of the property,” adds Bollati. “We have projects for the re-functionalization of buildings and new initiatives relevant to the country, such as the Justice Park in Bari or the military compendium Caserma 8° Cerimant in Rome.”

The implementation is based on a new way of thinking, aimed at tracking objectives and evaluating results through KPIs, introduced by Agenzia del Demanio director Alessandra dal Verme. The agency uses a set of indicators based on the European Commission’s ESG KPIs, and adapted to the real estate world to measure activity impact.

When innovation and ESG come together

Generalfinance’s digital-focused path equally brings together innovation, transformation and ESG, “in the sense of concrete financial support for companies that need liquidity,” says Biondini. “Having defined a comprehensive path over two business plans, we’ve transformed Generalfinance’s operational process in all directions: from product to administration, legal to management, governance to credit. We’ve also adopted new digital management methodologies, including artificial intelligence tools, in areas such as compliance and organization.”

For Generalfinance, the first phase of digital transformation coincided with the release of an ecosystem based on a multi-cloud platform, which improved the customer experience, transformed the company’s operational machine into an end-to-end digital process, and promoted environmental sustainability by reducing the use of printed paper by more than 90%.


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