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Our Innovative CPD Workshops:

In-house workshops


We specialise in delivering bespoke training courses in-house by tailoring lively, engaging and accessible experiential training content based on agencies’ needs at a venue of your choice.
We provide a wide range of learning opportunities from very experienced trainers. With budgets and resources shrinking, the pricing of our in-house training is highly competitive with substantial discount for the Voluntary sector. We can even deliver free in–house introduction training (2 -3 hours) for your team or agency.


Our Most Popular Courses from 2014/2015:


1. An introduction to Complex Trauma Work using Focusing-Oriented approach (supporting trauma recovery).



2. Basic or Advanced Focusing Skills Course (learning body-focused techniques).



3. An introduction to “Focusing with Children” (dealing with difficult emotions that lead to reactive or impulsive behaviour).



4. Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma



4. Introduction to Psychological First Aid:  Supporting Others, Supporting Ourselves (for field workers and professionals on how to support survivors of crisis and disaster).


5. Dealing with Anxiety using Body-Oriented approach (FOT).


6. Building Successful Teams Using Systemic Coaching Ideas.


7. Systemic Approach in management and prevention of Professional Burn Out.

For more info and to book any of these workshops please contact us by completing the form below: 



We offer a range of innovative and exciting continuing professional development (CPD) workshops and short courses to benefit your personal, educational and career development.


Please check our events calendar in Leeds and London:


1. Complex Trauma Work (Stage 1) using Focusing-oriented therapy, Module 1 - 10/11th February 2018 & Module 2 - 21/22nd April 2018.


2. Working with Nightmares and Dreams - 24/25th February 2018 and 15/16th November 2017- London


3.  Children & trauma: Dealing with Hyperactive/Impulsive Behavior in children -9/10th June 2018.


4Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma- 12/13th May 2018