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Working with Nightmares and Dreams

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This two-day (14/15th October , Leeds + 15/16th November London) workshop is for anyone who is interested in the interpretation of dreams, but especially for psychotherapists. Nightmares are a very common symptom of trauma and working with them, instead of trying to push them away, can help us to work through trauma in a gentle way to bring healing. Dreams can give us a very rich insight into our unconscious processes and bring to light problems or parts of our lives where we may be acting against our own natural flow of living. There are many books on the subjects of dreams and what certain symbols mean, but the best way to learn from a dream is for the dreamer themselves to make the interpretation. This can be done with the help of a therapist but without that other person making any interpretation or judgement about the dream.


In this course you will find out how to work with dreams using two methods: the dream re-entry method, and the Focusing method, where you consider the felt senses that the dream evokes in your body. The Focusing method is a new and original way to work with dreams which is quite simple to do but very enlightening and rewarding.


The richness of the metaphor and symbolisation of this work makes it endlessly fascinating and it can be extremely helpful in bringing up facets of our lives of which we are unaware and healing old traumas. It is a very valuable tool for personal development.


Feedback from past participants has shown that this foundation weekend is very helpful for professionals to understand the effects of trauma on clients and also to understand the effects on ourselves when working in such a difficult field. This course not only helps us to protect ourselves from the secondary impact of dealing with trauma but it gives creative ways to bring clients into the “window of tolerance” because it is impossible to work with someone who is suffering the after-effects of trauma without first making them feel safe and helping them to find resources within themselves to help them manage their emotions