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Basic Focusing Skills Course leading to Advanced Focusing Skills Course.


Basic Focusing skills course includes Module 1 & Module 2


that we run over 2 weekends (altogether 4 days). This course is designed for complete beginners or for those who would like to sharpen their skills in applying Focusing techniques for personal or/and professional development. The main focus will be more on the application of these skills on ourselves. These skills eventually become an important part of professionals Self-Care.  Practising Focusing skills develops a unique ability that enables you to discover a powerful resource within yourself. This is achieved by practising a powerful non-touch body awareness skill that helps us to heal those feelings that hurt.


You may decide to get further extensive training by moving on to Advanced Focusing Skills and the next 3 Modules (3 weekends) will support you to integrate these powerful body centred interventions to your professional context.

Afterwards you will have an opportunity to become a fully qualified Focusing Practitioner and if you decide to train others you will become a Focusing trainer.  You will need to register with a Focusing Institute (USA) or with the British Focusing Teachers Association. 

Focusing is a reflective practice originally developed by Eugene Gendlin which gets to the heart of the living body’s wisdom. It is recommended for Therapists, Psychologists, Addiction Specialists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Health Professionals, School, Counsellors and others that work with people in a healing way. It is also suitable for anyone who is interested in listening to their own inner wisdom and finding their own path. Focusing is a natural and gentle practise and the emphasis will be on noticing the messages your body gives you and becoming aware of the meaning of the messages.

The workshops are both taught and have experiential elements with presentations, demonstration and small group work will be required.

As a Certifying Co-ordinator (Celia Dawson) with the Focusing Institute, I would like to remind you that, for a number of years, we have also run our classic five module Focusing course which is well developed and has been well received. This is a call for you to put your name forward for this course. As soon as we have sufficient people we will be able to establish dates for the modules. If you have attended modules 1 and 2 of our Trauma course, then you will have covered basic Focusing, so you will only need to attend a further three modules of more advanced Focusing skills.


Criteria for Advanced Focusing Skills Certificate 


Evidence of attending 5 Focusing workshops (5 workshops = 60 Hours, 1 workshop equivalent of 12 hours), including: 


  1. Basic Focusing skills course or Complex Trauma 1 and 2 = 24 hours (2 workshops). 
  2. Advanced Focusing skills course : Working with Childhood Trauma + Working with Dreams & Nightmares = 24 hours (2 workshops). 
  3. Demonstration of Focusing skills workshop, 12 hours (1 workshop). 
  4. Evidence of personal development as a result of using Focusing: 
  5. Recorded 30 focusing sessions focused on personal issues (themes, dates, how long was the session).  
  6. Evidence of professional development as a result of using Focusing: 
  7. Recorded 30 focusing sessions as the therapist (listener) (themes, dates, how long was the session).